PerishablePackaging best Wellington cafes and eateries

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This page will overtime list Wellington cafes and eateries that use perishable packaging. Your cafe/eatery won’t be on this list if you use plastic containers for takeaway food/drink or plastic cutlery – there are so many perishable options these days! Lots of places have recently ditched plastic straws which is great!  Keep cups are an ok solution for take-away coffees – but are there any cafes out there incentivising their use? Let PP know.

We’re officially on the search from today (5 August 2019).

We would love to hear from cafe owners or customers about cafes that are switching off plastic. Send us a message (and a photo) – see our contact page.

Update: 22 November 2019

PP has been scouring Wellington over the past few months and recommends you patronise the following eateries to support the perishable packaging movement.

Little or no plastic is visible in these eateries – one exception is plastic lids for takeaway coffees. According to PP’s investigations, apparently there remains a significant demand for these plastic lids by consumers – one cafe PP spoke to said they had tried cardboard lids and got complaints because the lids got a bit soggy! If you know of any (successful) alternatives for these lids please let us know!

1.   Penthouse cinema and cafe: PP has visited here several times in the last few months and any food PP has seen taken away or taken into a cinema is in cardboard or paper – the lollies/snack foods also now come (mostly) in paper. Also, the coffee is great, the burgers and ice creams are yummy, and they have a good drinks menu.


2.   La Cloche: Any food PP has seen taken away is in cardboard or paper – salads are taken away in little cardboard cubes with a wire handle. They also use organic and free-range ingredients and the food is really good.


3.   Yoshi sushi: When YS opened a few years ago they were the first to have ceramic plates for eating in – now they also have perishable plates (that go in a paper bag) for takeaway sushi. PP eats here often and the sushi is some of the best in Wellington.