Plastic is found just about everywhere – in deep ocean trenches and in the food chain. Plastic is great for some things – keeping hospitals hygienic – raincoats – wrapping food like raw chicken to get it home without getting a mess over the rest of your groceries! (Note: it’s not great when it’s leeching dangerous chemicals into your food!) But we’ve gone way overboard with our use of plastic. This blog highlights examples of packaging that is not plastic because bamboo, paper, cardboard, cornstarch etc are great for packaging many of the items we buy and won’t be hanging around eg in the sea 😭 for decades after we die.

So keep on checking in with us as we add more information about non-plastic packaging (and some products too) and where to find them.

PS we are based in the wonderful city of Wellington in NZ so that’s our focus geographically. And because Wellington is the foodie capital of NZ we’ll also be featuring cafes and other eating/drinking spots that are cutting down on plastic use.

If we get anything wrong please drop us a line. And we know that the issue is wider than packaging eg manufacturing processes can be harmful to the environment even if the product is sold in perishable packaging – we do want to know about that side of things too. Lastly, if you find other examples of perishable packaging in Wellington drop us a line with a photo if possible.