(Maybe?) Disappointing delivery from Book Depository

STOP PRESS … I’ve just found out that there is a cornstarch version of these and indeed one of these has just dissolved in water. I’ll ask Book Depository and let you know what they say. Until then ignore the article below.

Disappointing and unnecessary use of polystyrene to package books from Book Depository in Melbourne – I can imagine their warehouse with big bins of this stuff ready to scoop into boxes – ugghhh!!!

From Wikipedia: Under ASTM standards, polystyrene is regarded as not biodegradable. It is accumulating as a form of litter in the outside environment, particularly along shores and waterways, especially in its foam form, and in the Pacific Ocean.

I have bought books from them before and they sent them in cardboard (see post below) – not sure why they are taking this retrograde step.

Time to support my local book stores and not buy from Book Depository.

I’ve emailed them and will post their response if I get one.


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